Patriot Pistons

Patriot Oilfield Expendables has introduced three high quality bonded urethane pistons designed to operate in the harshest drilling conditions around the world. All three mud pump pistons are unique in their own way and are designed to outperform in performance against all other piston in the market. The Patriot Piston line is trusted both domestically and internationally by the largest contractors in the world. Patriot Pistons maintain continued success from the smallest land rigs to the world’s largest newly built high specification drill ships entering the market facing today’s toughest drilling environments.

Standard Features for Patriot Piston Line:

  • Dual-Durometer bonded urethane
  • Resistant to high pressure, abrasion, heat and extrusion
  • ½” Piston surface area reduces friction and liner wear
  • Solid bullnose lip design seals for less squirt
  • Cut back hub design reduces liner wear

Patriot HPHT

Patriot’s HPHT piston is the standard and most commonly offered piston. Patriot HPHT Piston is built to be compatible with and deliver superior performance in today’s oil based and synthetic based drilling muds. Longer piston life equates to longer liner life greatly reducing the operating cost associated with mud pump expendables and the time involved in making necessary changes. The Patriot HPHT has competed against all other like manufacturers and has outperformed every time.


  • Operating Temperatures up to 220°F
  • Operating Pressure Rating of 7500 PSI

Patriot HPHT Product PdfPatriot HPHT Piston Part Number Cross Reference

Patriot MAX

Are you tired of changing mud pump pistons? Acumen International has your solution. The Patriot MAX will work in ALL drilling muds including oil based, synthetic and WATER BASED muds. Specifically designed to work in applications with water based mud or when water based mud is used on the top side and oil based mud is used on the bottom side. The Patriot MAX eliminates the need for changing your pistons midway through the drilling program. One Patriot Max piston from spud to TD.


  • Unique Friction Reducing Lubricant
  • Operating Temperatures up to 220°F
  • Operating Pressure Rating of 7500 PSI
  • Ability to Operate in WBM, OBM and SOBM

Patriot MAX Product PdfPatriot MAX Piston Part Number Cross Reference


The Patriot EXTREME is designed to perform in the most rigorous drilling conditions. The Patriot EXTREME is the only trusted, reliable and proven 300°F piston in the market. High temperature concerns are created two ways; high flow line temperatures and more commonly through friction heat and wear generated between the liner and piston. Due to the superior design and high quality urethane used the Patriot EXTREME will outperform all other mud pump pistons in the market.


  • Ultra-Durable High Temperature Urethane
  • Operating Pressure Rating of 7500 PSI
  • Operating Temperatures up to 300°F
  • Most Chemical Resistant Piston

Patriot EXTREME Product PdfPatriot EXTREME Piston Part Number Cross Reference

Patriot Piston Resistance & Usage Chart

The Patriot Piston line is designed to have success in most drilling muds operated in today’s market.

Piston Resistance & Usage Chart Pdf





Abrasion Resistance
Tear Resistance
Resistance to Oil
Chemical Resistance
Resistance to Synthetic Oil
Temperature Resistance
Use in Oil Based Muds
Use in Synthetic Based Muds
Use in Water Based Mud < 10#
Use in Water Based Mud > 10#
Use in Water Based Mud < 11#
Use in Water Based Mud > 11#
Use in Clear Water
Use in Salt Water
Use in Low Solids
Use in Moderate Solids
Use in High Solids
Liner Wear Characteristics
Use in Zirconia/Alumina Ceramic Liners
Maximum Temperature (FL) (°F)





Very Good




In addition to the Patriot Piston line, Acumen International offers a comprehensive selection of OEM and alternative mud pump pistons. Call or email us today at 1-713-896-0050 / and ask about the various product lines we offer.

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