Heavy Duty Aluminum Jack 200 Ton

The days of calling a welder to location to cut valve seats out of your fluid ends are finally over.

Acumen now offers the strongest and lightest hydraulic jack in the oilfield. 200-Ton capacity at 10,000 PSI operating pressure and
still only 45 lbs. in weight. Along with our self-retracting piston, stroke limit valve, our HEAVY DUTY (HD) aluminum hydraulic
jack allows for safe lifting practices when the job needs to be done fast.

HD Jack has a full 1” stroke to ensure valve seat is fully extracted from the seat deck on the first try, every time. Our patent pending
stroke limit valve is utilized to avoid over travel on piston while operating and maintaining full pressure.

Proven, Trusted, and Guaranteed success when combined with our HD Quick Release Valve Seat Puller.

Replacement seal kit available

Features and Benefits

  • Single acting cylinder
  • Capacity range up to 200 ton
  • Designed for 10,000 psi operating pressure
  • Plug & play with Acumen HD QRVSP & conventional valve seat pulling tools


  • Piston blow-out protection
  • 30% less weight than conventional steel jacks
  • Ergonomic handles integrated into top cover system


  • Full 1” piston stroke
  • Automatic piston retraction
  • Light weight allows rapid movement from one seat to the next


  • Element resistant Seals
  • Load tested at 125% pf nominal capacity
  • Hard-anodized coating protects against wear and tear

HD Aluminum Hydraulic Jack 200 Ton Product Pdf

  1. Cap Screw
  2. Top Cover
  3. Return Spring
  4. Pipe Plug
  5. Valve Pin Spring
  6. Valve Pin
  7. Bushing
  8. Sleeve
  9. Piston
  10. Guide Pin
  11. Top Cover Guide Pin
  12. Housing
  13. Plunger
  14. O-Ring
  15. Valve Seat
  16. Valve Ball
  17. Valve Spring
  18. Coupler

HD Parts List & Documentation

200 Ton HD Jack Seal Repair Kit Instructions


In addition to the HD QRVSP Tools, Acumen International offers a complete line of OEM and alternative valve seat puller tools.
Call or email us today at 1-713-896-0050 / and ask about the various product lines we offer.

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