M&M Oil Tools Well Control Valves

Since 1944, M&M Oil Tools has developed a trusted line of durable, high quality tools backed by exceptional service. With custom engineered solutions for maximum wellbore cleaning, and accurate, on-time deliveries, our business is built on repeat customers.

For eight decades, we have continued to push for innovation—always striving for enhanced downhole reliability and simplified servicing. Known originally for our reliable casing scraper, M&M Oil Tools offers a range of tools with a robust design, including carbide mills, brush tools and boot baskets.

Acumen International and M&M Oil Tools commitment is to provide innovative, quality products and excellent service to our international customer base.

M&M Oil Tools products are precision machined in a new, state-of-the-art factory with the latest CNC machines, utilizing LEAN manufacturing processes. Our products conform to API and ISO 9001 QMS requirements; each item can be provided with full traceability including mill certificates. As well M&M Oil Tools is licensed under API Q1 and API Spec 7-1 for API monogramming.


Well Control Valves

The EZ-FLOW CARTRIDGE valve’s unique floating ball and spring loaded seat design forces pressure and flow through the seat, not around its exterior.
This eliminates unreliable single direction seat seals, erosion and fouling/binding frequently seen in competitive designs. Its floating vented ball and double floating
seats guarantee differential pressure by acting only across the downstream side of the ball and seat to minimize the load, prevent distortion of the ball and protect seat support arms. These features, combined with a proprietary stem bearing, reduce the torque required to operate the valve by 50% compared to other designs.

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Inside Blow-out Preventers (IBOP)

We offer M&M’s “poppet-style” IBOP valves that automatically stop uncontrolled flow back and protect the swivel, kelly hose and surface pumping equipment from high pressure kicks and potential blow-outs. These valves can be installed anywhere in the drill string and will automatically open to allow normal circulation. Our optional release assembly allows the M&M IBOP to be used as a stand-by surface safety valve that can be quickly stabbed into the drill pipe, tubing or casing at the rig floor if a kick is detected.

Our IBOP valves are available in one or two-piece construction. The compact one piece design eliminates the internal connection, and is ideally suited where space is at a premium or where handling weight is critical. Its smooth OD allows this valve to be run anywhere in the drill string. The two-piece design is available when larger internal flow areas are desired. All valves are offered with a variety of threads and are matched to maintain drill string tensile strength capacity.

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