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The ACU-FASTNR is a revolutionary approach to threaded connections, offering all the benefits but none of the shortfalls with the added enhancement of speed. The ACU-FASTNR is built with threaded segments that are separated from each other. These segments are encased and located on a ramp that force the segments into the threads of the partnering connector. The tighter you pull or push the tighter it grips.

Damaged threads are no longer a problem. Just slide right past and engage.

ACU-FASTNR technology improves worker safety as well as reduces time and labor cost.

100% Replacement parts available

Features & Benefits

  • Safer, more efficient, and more durable
    • No cheater bars or hammers required
    • Simply squeeze on and off, no twisting and turning
    • All parts are load tested, stainless, and coated for anti-corrosion protection
  • Replaces heavy hex nut or spider nut
  • Eliminates tedious, repetitious turning and cross threading
  • Fits standard bolt size:
    • 2” model: 2 – 4.1/2 TPI, 200 Ton rating at 10,000 psi


ACU-FASTNR Product Pdf


  1. Retainer Ring
  2. Top Cap
  3. Threaded Spring Retaining Pin
  4. Main Housing
  5. Return Spring
  6. 2” 4-½ TPI Segment Assembly
  7. Garter Springs
  8. Segment Pins
  9. Outer Sleeve
  10. Top Handle
  11. 3/8 16 Nut
  12. Spring Retaining Pin
  13. Return Handle
  14. Segment Pin, Return Handle
  15. 3/8-24 Nut

ACU-FASTNR Parts Lists and Operating Instructions

ACU-FASTNR Operating Instructions


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