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Acumen International is recognized as M&M International’s trusted distribution partner for more than 20 years.

M&M International is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of drill string and well control valves along with inside blowout preventers (IBOPs), crossover subs, swivels and other oilfield equipment.

M&M designs and manufactures the most efficient and user friendly drill string and well control valves on the market today. M&M incorporated their patented Canister Guard™ and Lite-Torc™ technology into the design making M&M Products the most reliable valve in the business.

Canister Guard™ – unique in its modular construction, reliability and fail safe assembly features make it an incomparable industry product. No special tool or equipment is required for easy field or shop disassembly and reassembly. Main sealing components are self-contained and pretested to assure accuracy and complete integrity.

Lite-Torc™ – improves the ability of valve so fitted to be closed under heavy flow at torque values manageable by one person with a standard 12” valve wrench. As well, once closed, well bore pressure can slowly be balanced by pump pressure to allow the valve to reopen with less than 30 ft lbs of torque.

M&M Internationals has been API licensed since 1992 and quality management system is well established and continually monitored for potential improvements. M&M is licensed under API Q1, and API Spec 7-1 and 7-2 for the monogramming of Upper and Lower Kelly Valves.

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M&M International’s Product line

One-Piece and Two-Piece Canister Guard™ Kelly Valves

Our one-piece Canister Guard™ Kelly valves are extremely versatile and can be utilized in multiple drill stem applications including use as upper/lower Kelly cocks, upper/lower top drive valves, stabbing valves, or as mudsaver valves.

One-piece Canister Guard™ Kelly valves are available with inside ball diameters ranging from 1.75” through 4.00” and in many outside diameter and length combinations.

Two-Piece Canister Guard Safety Valves

M&M International designs and manufactures our two-piece Canister Guard™ safety valves, with tubing, casing or drill pipe connections with inside ball diameters ranging from 1.75” to 8.75” and in many outside diameter and length combinations.

Two-piece safety valves generally consist of a larger middle body that tapers down to a smaller OD at each end nearer the connections.

One-Piece and Two-Piece Inside Blow-Out Preventers

M&M’s one-piece IBOP offers all of the same functionality of a two-piece design but offers several key benefits.

A one-piece design allows the IBOP to be shorter, creates a possibility for smaller outside diameters and eliminating the service break, allows for quicker disassembly because there are no torqueing issues or torqueing requirements because there is no service break.

One-piece IBOP’s require less manufacturing time and therefore a faster delivery is possible. Upon request, two-piece IBOPs can be designed and manufactured to meet any industry standard as applicable

Top Drive Canister Guard Valves

M&M manufactures a variety of top drive valves that are compatible with various different top drives. These top drive valves typically include all of the Canister Guard™ technologies

Top drive Canister Guard™ valves are available with inside diameters ranging from 1.75” to 4.00”.

Integral Single and Double Side-Entry Subs

M&M stocks the large rough forgings we use to make our single and dual side-entry subs. Forgings create a stronger product than normal hot-rolled bar. Making side-entry subs from forgings results in shorter lead times because it allows manufacturing to begin when the material is closer to its finished size while removing the need for post heat treating.

Our integral double side-entry sub does not have a through bore that runs from the box connection to the pin connection; this isolates the two connections allowing for testing in either direction independent of the other.

Our integral side-entry subs are preferred over welded non-integral side-entry subs due to their quality and strength. With ample room for recuts and your choice of hammer union, these subs are good for years of service. Custom options are possible with these products.

Pump-In, Crossover and Saver Subs

M&M offers pump-in subs made to order with your choice of hammer union.

M&M stocks several common saver and crossover subs but we also make saver and crossover subs to suit our customers’ requirements and specifications.


In addition to the M&M International Line, Acumen offers a comprehensive selection of drilling equipment, products and replacement parts. Call or email us today at 1-713-896-0050 / and ask about the various product lines we offer.

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