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Since 1944, M&M Oil Tools has developed a trusted line of durable, high quality tools backed by exceptional service. With custom engineered solutions for maximum wellbore cleaning, and accurate, on-time deliveries, our business is built on repeat customers.

For eight decades, we have continued to push for innovation—always striving for enhanced downhole reliability and simplified servicing. Known originally for our reliable casing scraper, M&M Oil Tools offers a range of tools with a robust design, including carbide mills, brush tools and boot baskets.

Acumen International and M&M Oil Tools commitment is to provide innovative, quality products and excellent service to our international customer base.

M&M Oil Tools products are precision machined in a new, state-of-the-art factory with the latest CNC machines, utilizing LEAN manufacturing processes. Our products conform to API and ISO 9001 QMS requirements; each item can be provided with full traceability including mill certificates. As well M&M Oil Tools is licensed under API Q1 and API Spec 7-1 for API monogramming.


Casing Scrapers:

Regardless if you are drilling a new well or reworking an old one, mechanical cleaning of the casing ID is recognized to be a critical part of successful completion operations. M&M Oil Tools casing scraper with staggered blades provide 360-degree coverage to insure 100% removal of rust, cement sheath, perforation, burrs, scale buildup, or other debris adhering to the ID of the casing.

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Casing Brushes:

M&M Oil Tools casing brush tool’s 360-degree contact does not require rotation, works RIH and POH and can reach into corrosion pits and coupling recesses that cannot be cleaned by casing scrapers.

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Carbide Mills:

M&M Oil Tools has developed a broad line of tungsten carbide faced mills that will handle almost any well clean-up application. Our mills are made using precision-machined, high strength alloy steel. Cutting surfaces are dressed with tungsten carbide particles sized for optimum metal removal and long life. Tools are available for clean-out work in most casing and tubing sizes; many are in stock for immediate delivery. The carbide mills most commonly used include Junk Mills, Deep Throat Mills, Watermelon or String Mills, Pilot Mills, Tapered Mills, Piranha Mills, Concave or Cone Buster Mills and Diamond Point.

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Boot Basket:

M&M Oil Tools Boot Baskets are an essential tool in proper wellbore cleaning operations. They are used to capture debris and cutting that are too large to circulate from the well. The robust design from M&M Oil Tools boot basket can withstand the roughest high-speed rotation and reciprocation in vertical, deviated or horizontal wells. The tool can be run by itself or in combination with M&M Oil Tools related product line.

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Hydrostatic Bailers:

Removing unwanted debris from a wellbore can be challenging. In wells where circulation is not possible, mechanically operated sand pumps and wireline bailers can remove limited amounts of debris; these tools often require a number of trips to clear it all. When full well circulation is possible, fines and similar materials that are easily loosened can be circulated to surface. The M&M Oil Tools hydrostatic bailer provides a more powerful and effective means to remove fill and debris from the well bore.

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In addition to the M&M Oil Tools product offering, Acumen International offers a comprehensive selection of drilling equipment, products and replacement parts. Call or email us today at 1-713-896-0050 / and ask about the various product lines we offer.

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